• Planting Grow Bags with Handles

Planting Grow Bags with Handles

Planting Bags


Product Introduction

Planting Grow Bags with Hand

.High quality non-woven material from Korea 
.Tough and durable,can be used longer than 6 years
.Strong double stitching
.Three layers conbined polyester thread for stitching
.To be strong enough when holding weight,7-8 stitches per inch 
.Decreased risk of transplant shock
.Creates improved overall root structure
.Prevents roots from circling to its death aka root bound

Three obvious advantages of MUZI Garden Pots:


1. Competitive price, definately profitable for importers and wholesalers, also affordable for end users.

2. Stitching doesn't easily loose like many other pots in market, we use our unique stitching skill to make this happen.

3. Water doesn't flow out of the side before the soil absorb it when watering like many other pots, our fabirc material absorb water itself and keep the moisture. Water only come out of the bottom when overwatering.

If you have interest to discuss more fabric pots production skills, we are 24/7 available.