Fabric Pot Is The Best Pots for Growing Cannabis

Fabric pots are the popular pots for growing cannabis. The pots are made out of a light fabric, so the medium can draw in plenty of air to the root zone. This allows bacteria to breathe, and the plant will be able to eat, and drink more.

In a plastic pot, roots will grow until they are root bound. In fabric pots, the roots will “Air Prune”. When the roots touch air, the tip, will dry out, and die off. This will encourage the rest of the root to spread out radially, instead of continuing to grow like in a plastic pot.

In a fabric pot, you will get more roots, and you are less likely to have your cannabis plant become root bound. The medium will dry faster, as more air can get to it, and this will also reduce your chances of root rot.

Starting off in Smaller Pots

Start off your cannabis seedling or clone, in a 0.5L fabric pot. As the plant grows stronger, and the roots become well structured, you can transplant into a 6L fabric pot and finish off the vegetation stage. When you are coming close to flowering your cannabis plants, transplant them one more time into 18L fabric pots.

You can use smaller pots when growing cannabis in fabric pots, as the roots will be able to take full advantage of the space in the medium. You can grow a big cannabis plant in an 18L fabric pot. If you like you can go to anything as high as 25L. But make sure your plants have a good long veg before moving them to massive pots.

Fabric pots are a great replacement for plastic pots when growing cannabis. But during the flowering stage, it is common to see mould or mildew form on the side of the pots. Keep a good air flow over the plants to prevent this from happening. Or, you could update to Air Pots.

What is the best medium to use when growing cannabis in fabric pots?

Any medium works well when growing cannabis in fabric pots. But if you are using soils, instead of a coco like medium, you will have to water carefully.

Because the sides of the pot are fabric, water can pass through them easily. If you water too quickly when growing in a medium with low drainage the water can spill out of the sides. This will stop your medium from being fully saturated, and will cause issues with your roots. Water slowly, and take your time, and soil can work very will in fabric pots. But for the best results, use coco when growing cannabis in fabric pots.